...Have you ever found yourself awake, in the middle of the night...
....wandering around the kitchen, in dire need of... GOOD MUSIC?!

Tunes in a fridge is here to quench your thirst for fresh tunes!
This site offers a wide variety of finely handcrafted songs, which are composed with
a specific purpose in mind: provide you with a nice soundtrack for your work.
Tracks from the fridge are mainly intended for videogames, but this doesn't mean they
can't be used for a clip, or a slideshow for your granny.
The fridge will provide you with the right license for your project, whether it's free or commercial.
Each track you choose will be tailored to your needs, and you can even ask for
new songs from scratch. You can find more information HERE.
However, if you're just a lone pilgrim of the internets looking for some
original tunes to listen to, you can always find all our music on
Soundcloud and download featured tracks from Bandcamp.
"Whoa, nothing's COOLER than these tunes!"
- The Fridge -